Void News November

Digital releases with physical media - we want to keep something that sticks around in both contexts, continue the discussion with media as physical, move concepts with media as data.  There is no priority to given form, but to convey the open intention as clearly as possible.  This is an age of signal overdrive; concrete the message as you find it.

Delien - Identify Annex - DI001 / void 015


This time we wrote to cassette tape.  Not because of nostalgia or an arcane belief that this is a perfect format, but to you the chance to load up on a boom box and unplug for a moment.  This one kicks off the new Detroit Industrial cassette label in fact, so given the low cost of tape you can expect a stream of industrial folklore updates as the next year unfolds.  Kirill (Delien, Fluxion A/D) has been emerging some video clips in support.

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0hZ7q19910
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47tx5b5jt_Q
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lGLpq2YWvs

Digital audio comes along for the ride on all of these for open access. Here’s a refresh: A rigorous creed of human-machine interface and collective expression has always guided Detroit’s Delien. With over ten years of activity, this two man duo haunts our memories as a cyborg presence at otherwise bearded noise shows while today they churn the long game basis for the Detroit Industrial crew. What we have here is an annex, an additional entry in the assembly of an identify demarcating an unbroken timeline. Raw industrial, take in an earful.

Key - Murmuration II - The Gift

* https://murmuration.bandcamp.com/merch/ii-the-gift

Undulating ocean eco-quakes lead extreme spiritual territories.  This second installation of Key’s Murmuration triptych begins deep after the coastal waters of Murmuration I.  We find ourselves connecting the outsides, away from complex society at the more fundamental realities of austere environments.  Emerging from depth, sonics climb to supernal mountaintop transmissions, emanating an ancient electromagnetism across space and time.

This one writes to paper as well as digital.  Each of the Murmurations aligns a unique image of Key’s own creation.  You might take a peek:

* https://f1.bcbits.com/img/0005893180_10.jpg

For further future reference: Key is an electronic representation of ideas and emotions. It is about opening doors and unlocking deepness within ourselves. A reverence for nature as the path we all walk. Questions of time and dimensionality.