== Void News for May 2013 ==

Ready for the next round, taking time to navigate the topology of media projects and new explorations, welcoming the coming summer with a full rack of new music and directions.  Heads up long time allies - pushing forward for 2013!


* Void Tactical Media 003 Vinyl Previews are Online!

* Form and Structure 012 - Fluxion - Radiation Dance - Out Now!

* New Void Tactical Media website is up.

* Void Tactical Media open source !?!??!

* Next up on Void : Adjust - Omerta

»>Void Tactical Media 003 Vinyl Previews are Online! «<

Void Tactical Media 003 splits midwest industrial breakcore legend Bombardier against Los Angeles scene crusher WMX. 4 tracks of industrial broken bass.  Check the links for your first listen - going to cut now.

First up, Bombardiers plate - totally decimating dark groove earthquake.


And in close step, WMX’s side of VTCL003 shifts and moves, with techno influenced broken beat dancefloor shakers. Sonic substance - read between the lines.


»> Form and Structure 012 - Fluxion - Radiation Dance - Out Now! «<

Born in the warehouses of Detroit, long time instigators of the Eastern Market broken beat breakcore underground, Fluxion A/D captures the Detroit Industrial deep current like no other possibly could. This EP’s title track is an extended distortion bathed alien vocal industrial groove that makes you wanna play it on endless. On the flip we get the harsher side of Fluxion as Simple Math pounds intense noise frequency against broken bass drum pattern. In the old days we remember God and His Bitches, and even before that Delien and Disect, when this crew where both allies and sparring partners to Void Tactical. And then to boot, M.Kadath from Parvulus Infectus steps in on Simple Math. Fluxion A/D is the next manifestation of an industrial network core collective, manifesting yet again. Get the grit of history and a dose of the present tense - up Detroit Industrial.

Full quality purchase comes with Detroit Industrial patch, designed by Fluxion. Album artwork designed by Dimentia.

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/voidtacticalmedia/sets/fs012-fluxion-radiation-dance

Full Quality: http://voidtacticalmedia.bandcamp.com/album/radiation-dance


»> New Void Tactical Media website is up. «<

So we’ve been quiet about it just because there is so much content to input, and we still haven’t gotten it all in.. but the new Void Tact. site has been up for almost 2 months - it’s time we let on about it!  http://voidtacticalmedia.org/  Designed and implemented by Key, what we have here is a very much improved presentation of our media and ideas.  New things to check out include all VTCL and Form and Structure releases for listening (Void releases coming soon), much of the design that has been contributed over the years finally archived, and a page that archives our texts and essays.   We still have a ways to go in building this out, so please excuse the dust, but also please do browse through!

»> Void Tactical Media open source !?!??! «<

As part of our website build out process, we decided to explore a new direction for Void Tactical Media - open source software.  Open source is so important, and when writing the software that runs our website we realized that it could be useful to anyone else wanting to build a custom record label website and go independent in the world of facebook, bandcamp, and web tool identity models.  So we are releasing the full source (minus Void Tactical content) of the site as an open source project.  More open source efforts will follow, check our github at https://github.com/voidtactical if you want to use or contribute to the project!

»> Next up on Void : Adjust - Omerta «<

Now here’s a hidden taste that you won’t see posted, for those that read all the way down.  A long time coming, our full length cd and digital release for Adjust, purveyor of Low Res Records in Detroit, is finally reaching completion.  A live performance of all his best tracks backed by Bonus Live mix - expect this one within the next month.  Here’s a visual taste: http://voidtacticalmedia.org/files/aaaaaaa.png